Newsletter – 28 June 2024

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Club Security
There have been a few instances recently regarding access to the grounds and vandalism. Members reported a couple of teenagers using a court for football last Sunday, and the two signs on Lawrie Park Road were sprayed with graffiti earlier in the week. Finally, a member reported first thing this morning that the squash court building was open and all the lights were left on, so it is likely that this occurred overnight. 

Please remember a few key points that you can do to help – there is not always a member of staff on site:
1. The pass code for the clubhouse and squash court building should NOT be given to anyone unless you know them to be a fellow member.
2. The entrance door to the squash court building should not be left on the latch or blocked open. Only a staff member can do this to facilitate access during non-member activities, as they will be responsible for closing at the end of the session.
3. If you witness any unusual behaviour within the grounds, please report it to me as soon as possible and, only if you feel comfortable, remind anyone you think may not be a member that it is private property and not a park. As we are easily accessible this can sometimes be a misunderstanding.

As a result of these issues we will be changing the door codes again next week, so please ensure that you check your email for information.

Euros 2024 – TV coverage
The following matches will be shown live on TV in the clubhouse bar over the next week: Monday – Portugal v Slovenia, and Tuesday – Austria v Turkey. All matches kick off at 8,00pm. The bar will be well stocked and open until 10.00pm each evening. 

Club Manager Hours
I will be available at the Club the following hours between 29 June – 5 July: Saturday from 0900-1030, Monday 1200-2100, Thursday 0900-1200, and Friday 0900-1800. During these times you can obtain drinks & snacks from the bar, as well as balls & accessories, and hire the Slinger ball machine.

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
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