Tennis coaching for children

We offer a total tennis coaching programme for children that includes training and tournament scheduling in a friendly and professional environment. Our coaching programme caters for juniors aged 4-17 years old.

The coaching programme is progressive, using different size courts and tennis balls according to age and ability. Juniors move through our coaching programme on the recommendation of their squad coach.

The coaching programme takes place throughout the year for a minimum of 36 weeks. Floodlit courts are used in the winter months and indoor facilities in wet weather.

Programme stages

Mini-Tennis Red
Juniors aged 4-7 years old will be coached in movement patterns, racquet swing shapes, balance, and speed work in a fun, games-based environment. Mini-tennis courts are used with low compression tennis balls.

Tennis Orange
Children are typically 8 years old when they advance to a shortened tennis court using low compression balls. The focus of coaching includes developing co-ordination, movement, serving, returning, and how to score points.

Tennis Green
Juniors move to a full-size court at 9 years old with slightly low compression balls. They develop complex co-ordination, speed, strength, flexibility, core stability, and basic strokes with efficient racquet head speed. They play in match situations for singles and doubles, learning how to cope with winning and losing, and understanding ability and effort.

Coaching for older juniors
From around 10-11 years old we coach children to develop power and use of spin, play offensively and defensively, and learn to use matchplay routines. Standard yellow balls are used.

Coaching times
Junior tennis coaching takes place Monday-Thursday from 16:00 – 19:00 and 09:00 – 12:00 on Saturday.

Joining the junior coaching programme
The first tennis lesson is free, and if you decide to join you will become a Junior Coaching member.
Please make a coaching enquiry for more information about joining the programme and to arrange a free lesson.

Individual coaching
Our qualified coaches offer tailored individual tennis coaching for juniors at days and times to suit you. Contact one of our coaches for more information and to book a lesson:

Individual coaching is available to members and non-members.  The cost of a lesson starts at £24/29 per hour.

Holiday tennis camps 
SLTCC provide holiday camps for juniors during half-term, Easter and Summer holidays. You can contact us for more information about tennis camps at