Squash & Racketball

Sydenham Squash is a small friendly club with two squash courts.  We are situated in a quiet corner of south east London and we are looking for players of all standards from beginners to advanced.  So whether you are thinking of taking up squash or racketball for the first time or are already an seasoned player, you can be sure of a warm welcome.

Squash membership
Membership costs just £140 pa and we accept payment in a single payment by several methods or in instalments by direct debit. Details about how to join can be found on our Joining page.  If you would like more information before you decide or to arrange a free trial session, please fill in a membership enquiry using the link at the top of this page and someone will get back to you straight away.

We offer coaching for all levels as well as an introduction to squash taster course for beginners. If you’re interested in competitive play there’s a internal club box league, tournaments and the opportunity to compete in the Kent Priory League.

So if you’d like to play squash or racketball, come and give us a try! 

Getting started
For an introduction to the squash club and an opportunity try our courts, or if you simply need help arranging your first squash or racketball game, please email squash@sltcc.co.uk

Booking a squash court
We have an on-line squash court booking system and each squash court booking costs £1.
All members have a personal log-in and a password enabling them to access the system and make and pay for squash court bookings online.  The squash court booking system can be accessed at http://sltcc.mycourts.co.uk

It is advisable to book a squash court if you plan to play squash at peak times to ensure you can play when you want to.

Peak times are:
Mon-Fri 18:20, 19:00, 19:40, 20:20pm.
Sat and Sun 09:00, 09:40, 10:20, 11:00, 11:40am.
Some Tuesday evenings are reserved for Team Play from 19:40pm and the dates are advertised online.

Squash club night
Club nights are held weekly and are open to all squash players. The evening includes a mixture of short games and coaching with tips and drills for less experienced players. More…

Squash leagues
Squash leagues are run on a monthly basis and players of all standards are encouraged to join. If you want to join please contact the league organiser at pete.edwards@sltcc.co.uk.

Squash tournaments
There is a “level play” squash tournament and a handicap squash tournament held each year, usually with a main and best-of-the-rest finals.

Squash team
We have a squash team which competes in the Kent Priory League. If you are interested in playing contact Paul Shade.

The light meters outside the squash courts take £1 coins and 20p pieces. Currently costs are £4 for a 40 minute session.

Racketball membership
All members who join to play squash are also included for racketball (and vice-versa). In order to promote racketball (and to provide for “wet-weather” play) the club also extends free racketball membership to tennis and croquet members aged 12 years and over.

Racketball leagues
Racketball leagues are usually run over a six-weekly period on a handicap basis. There is a level play tournament and a handicap tournament held each year, again with a main, plate and best-of-the-rest finals.

Racketball equipment
Racketball rackets and balls are in the tea chest on the gallery. The code 4217 will open it. Please ensure you return any equipment and lock it again when finished.

Squash and Racketball Committee
Comprised of Pete Edwards (Chair) and John Rowe. Ideas and suggestions to improve the running of the section are always welcome.

Squash and Racketball coaching
For those wishing to improve their game our SRA qualified coach, Duncan Marlow, offers squash and racketball coaching lessons. Fees are £15-£25 per session plus lights.  More information about squash coaching is available on the coaching page

Playing Visitors
Members may bring an occasional guest on payment of the visitors fee for a limited number of visits (ie three times a year) before guests are asked to join the squash club as a playing member.  Fees are:  £3 for adults and juniors. Please refer to rules in clubhouse foyer which include restrictions on the number of times a person may play as a visitor.

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