Newsletter – 25 March 2022

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Bill Buah Memorial Tournament – Good Friday 15 April 2022
The inaugural tournament will take the form of a Mixed doubles competition from 10.30am-3.30pm. There will be groups in the morning followed by a knockout round in the afternoon. Matches will be best of three match tie-breaks – Bill’s favourite!
You will need to find a partner and book your place here. Once you have booked please email me with your partner’s name. Cost is £10 per pair. Remember all proceeds go to the Buah family projects in Ghana. 
As an additional memorial, several members suggested an inscribed bench to sit in the grounds and were prepared to make a collection towards the cost. Please contact me if you would like to make a donation.

The Club is considering updating its branding and logo to more fully represent the Club going forward. We would welcome any designs or ideas from members. Remember, we are not looking for anything professional – just things that you might think the Board might consider.
The new logo would be used on paperwork, advertising and potentially clothing, such as sweatshirts. If you would be interested in purchasing any Club clothing, please let me know as it would be good to gauge interest.

Club Manager Hours
I will be available at the Club over the following hours between 26 March -1 April: Saturday from 0900-1500, Sunday from 0900-1200, Monday 0900-1500, Wednesday 1800-2100, and Friday 0900-1200. Remember that during these times you can obtain drinks & snacks from the bar, as well as balls & accessories, and hire the Slinger ball machine. 

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
Contact –

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