Newsletter – 25 November 2021

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Tennis Court 5
The contractors have now provided a schedule for the work on Court 5. Starting on Monday 6 December, the cracks in the tarmac will be repaired, the edging broken out and levelled, and the fencing reset. The following week, commencing 13 December, the artificial clay will be laid on top of the repaired tarmac.
Therefore, Court 5 has been blocked out for use from 6-17 December, although it may be possible to reopen the court once the repairs have been completed until the clay work begins.
This has meant some rescheduling of activities and amendments to existing court bookings. If you have court bookings in place during the periods above, please check in case of cancellation or change of court. 

Tennis coach holidays 
Both Toby and Bill are on holiday until mid December, which has also necessitated some reallocation of courts. However, due to changes in the coaching programme, this will mean that more courts are available at certain times over the next week or so, so do check the booking sheets.
Whilst Bill is away, there will be limited support for Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon club play sessions on 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19 December. Toby’s regular coaching sessions will be covered until 17 December by Bruce, Bill until he goes away, and Cristiano on his return from university on 4 December.  

Club Manager Hours
I will be available at the Club over the following hours between 27 November – 3 December: Saturday 0900-1500, Sunday 0900-1500, Monday 0900-1500, Wednesday 1700-2130, and Friday 1300-1900. Remember that during these times you can obtain drinks & snacks from the bar, as well as balls & accessories, and hire the Slinger ball machine.  

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
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