Newsletter – 5 February 2021

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Environment & sustainability
We hope you are keeping fit and healthy during lockdown, but this is a time that also allows a pause for thought. Toby contacted me the other day and asked if I could send the following out to members:

‘It has been a time of reflection for me as I plan for a healthier future when we can all return to play. While Covid-19 takes centre stage I know that another global challenge, climate change, needs our attention. It’s simple – we all need nature and I want to be part of the solution to the climate crisis. On a local scale we are a community hub and our success is tied to the well-being of the people around us. So, I feel it is our responsibility to make our local environment as good as it can be for our neighbours and to enrich the lives of those who come to us beyond perfecting their skills on court.
Our Club is surrounded by beautiful greenery, but our activities programme does have a carbon footprint and I am committed to identifying how we can reduce it. and how we might go even further than that and leave a positive impact on the environment. This is only an idea at the moment, but I am excited by what we might achieve together. If you’re keen to get involved and to join a small group who will push this forward then please get in touch!’ 

The Club Board has already committed to more environmentally friendly solutions to operations, such as recycling used tennis balls, and converting existing lighting to LED. Also, the new clubhouse project will be energy and water efficient, and new planting and landscaping will form part of the plans.

However, we may find further opportunities to help the planet, such as how we all travel to the club, the water bottles we bring, and the sort of equipment we buy. There may be space for community gardens, growing produce and using the compost that results from the grounds work at the Club. 
We can start building a picture together on the sustainability credentials of our Club, so we can then build this into future developments in estate and operational management. Toby will be leading the Club’s environmental strategy, and can be contacted by email at
Quiz & Trivia
Since the introduction of the ATP world rankings in 1973, there have been 26 players officially ranked No 1 for Men’s singles. Obviously, we have got used to the recent Big Four dominating since Roger Federer took over in February 2004, but can you name these former No 1s:
Who was the first official No 1 player in August 1973?
Who is the only player to be ranked No1 without winning a Grand Slam title?
Which player was No 1 for only one week in his career in August 1999? 

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
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