Newsletter – 21 February 2021

Published on February 21, 2021 by in SLTCC news


Covid-19 update 
The Government have scheduled an announcement on the easing of lockdown restrictions for Monday 22 February, and there will be much anticipation regarding sporting activities and any potential return to play.
The Board of Directors are meeting on Tuesday 23 February and will discuss any matters relevant to reopening Club facilities. We will put out a statement by the end of the week if there is any news, so we ask for your patience until we have had a chance to review the guidelines.

Members area of the website
The Members area of the Club website has been further updated with current information and put in a more accessible format. There is much useful information here and I recommend all members acquaint themselves if you haven’t used it previously.
Also, there is a new section for Club media, including videos, photos, plus a collection of lockdown poetry! Remember that you will find the Members area at the bottom of the homepage. 

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
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