Newsletter – 1 February 2021

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A little more lockdown poetry… 
From Club Chair Gillian Bartlett:

Boris says we cannot play
Tennis ’til another day

I wonder when that day will be
We can only wait and see

We think about the empty courts 
Abandoned tennis tops and shorts

Our dusty rackets, balls and hat
And worry that we’ll get too fat

Watching Netflix on TV
Eating biscuits, drinking tea

And beer or wine and …is that cake?
Until we realise our mistake!

So we leave our tennis kit
And walk in parks to keep us fit

Thinking, when this lockdown ends 
Once again we’ll meet our friends 

Pick up our rackets, hit a ball
And the lockdown won’t feel long at all

Simon Taylor – Club Secretary & Squash/Racketball representative
Next in the series introducing the Club Board of Directors, we meet a man of many hats! Simon joined the Club as far back as 1992 and has been playing squash and racketball, and ‘supporting the bar’ ever since. He has had two stints on the Board, the latest since 2014 as Club Secretary and Bar & Lettings Director.
A recent change has seen him transfer to be the Squash & Racketball section representative, although he currently still chairs the separate Bar Committee and looks forward to a reopening of both courts and the bar.
Simon is responsible for representing the views of squash and racketball members to the Board – he can be contacted at

Quiz Answer
Last week’s quiz was about Tim Henman’s great-grandmother. Ellen Stawell-Brown was the first woman to serve overarm in the Ladies’ Singles at the Wimbledon Championships in 1901. Although it didn’t help as she lost in the first round!

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
Contact –

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