Newsletter – 29 January 2021

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Covid-19 update
The Government statement this week appears to mean that there will be no relaxation of current restrictions until after the next review on 22 February, and no planned return to play until 8 March at the earliest.
Therefore, we may have to gird ourselves to a longer term off court! So, the Board of Directors have agreed to pause all memberships until we have a clear reopening plan. However, direct debit payments due at the beginning of February will still be processed as this was already in the system. 
Obviously, this will have a significant impact on Club income for several months, and many other Clubs are expecting members to continue paying subscriptions even though facilities are closed to support their Club! 
We do not expect this, but any member can choose to opt-out of pausing their membership if they wish as a donation to the Club. As I said previously, you will receive a separate email with specific details regarding your membership status, renewal dates and extension periods, including options regarding fees. 

Club policies
We have used the lockdown to review many of the Club policies and procedures, which you can find in the Members area of the website – footer of homepage. The key document is the Privacy Policy, which is listed separately in the footer –
As part of this review, all members will be asked to renew their consent forms for data protection purposes. This is a simple online form that takes only a few minutes to complete, so please do so as soon as you receive your email.

Quiz & Trivia
Here’s another brain teaser for you this weekend – Tim Henman’s great-grandmother, Ellen Stawell-Brown, also played at the Wimbledon championships. What was she the first to do during the Ladies singles in 1901? 

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
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