Newsletter – 25 January 2021

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Emergency contact
Obviously, during lockdown, I am not at the Club as often and there are less people on site generally. This means that there may be a worry of not picking up any damage or vandalism, etc. 
Many members live nearby, and I know that others take walks around the area. So if anyone notices anything untoward at the Club, please contact me on 07803 269293, or if I am unavailable, Toby Yates on 07545 333535. Contact numbers are posted around the Club too.

Gillian Bartlett – Club Chair
For the first in a series introducing the Club Board of Directors, we meet the Chair. Gillian joined in 2005 when her children were having coaching at the Club, two of whom are also current members.
She joined the Tennis committee in 2012, and then the Board in 2014 as the tennis section representative, becoming Chair in 2017. Plays for the Women’s 2nd team in Kent leagues.  
Gillian is responsible for overseeing the management, policies and procedures at the Club – she can be contacted at

Quiz Answers
The answers to last week’s quiz regarding the venues for the Australian Open are, unsurprisingly, the major cities of Melbourne (55 times), Sydney (17), Adelaide (14), Brisbane (7), and Perth (3). However, the trick is that it was twice held in New Zealand! Hastings (1906) and Christchurch (1912).

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
Contact –

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