Newsletter – 22 January 2021

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Covid-19 update
Further to my previous report regarding the LTA petition to Government to exempt tennis from the current national lockdown. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that there will be any move to allow tennis in the near future. However, it does seem more positive that, once the restrictions are relaxed, tennis may be first in line to open again.
You can read the full Government response here:

Whilst we are closed, perhaps some of you might give thought to helping out at the Club when we return? Although the Club has a team of professionals to run the Club, there are still many volunteering opportunities to support activities.
For example, there are section committees for each sport, a bar/clubhouse committee, plus a new committee to develop the new clubhouse project – more details on this next week. These committees provide ideas, help organise events, and much more – please contact me if you would like further information about volunteering.  

Each week I’ll give you a question to ponder over the weekend to keep the brain cells active! With the Australian Open in the news at the moment and scheduled to start 8 February, can you name the seven cities in which the tournament has been held since its inception in 1905? Answers will be given in the Monday newsletter.

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
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