Newsletter – 4 December 2020

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Post-lockdown update and return to play
Following the reopening of some facilities yesterday, here are a few more points of clarification up to Christmas.
You will find QR code posters around the site to check into the NHS Test & Trace app. Whilst it is not a requirement to check in, we would encourage it.
Toilets and changing rooms are open, but the showers are still unavailable. Please arrive dressed ready to play, and leave directly after play, where possible, to limit time in the building. Please allow space if the toilets are in use, and use sanitizer on entry/exit.
Tennis club play will recommence on Sunday from 0900-1230, and Wednesday evening from 1800-2100. You will need to sign in with the person running the session. Please contact me if you are unsure what session to attend.
Team Training will not take place up to Christmas, and will be reviewed in the new year as Kent leagues have all been discontinued for the Winter season.
Squash & racketball can be played under restricted terms, ie solo practice, players from the same household or players from different households in ‘sides’ format. Courts must be booked with me by email.
You can read the latest advice and news from the LTA here and England Squash here.

Tennis court floodlighting
The floodlight conversion on tennis courts 3, 4, 5 was completed this week. Hopefully, members will enjoy the quality of vision under the new LED lights, which will also save the Club on energy costs and maintenance
The lights come on instantly – no warm up period as with the current halogen lamps – so please turn off lights when you have finished if no-one is waiting.

A poem…
Finally, another lockdown poem, this time from Sue Molony.

My happy place has a number 

I see the squirrel sitting on the fence,  
the cat, the fox, the visitors at dusk, 
I see them stalk the bushes, through the scrub,  
the brambles and the mildewed tennis balls,  
Like me they feel all seasons in one day,  
The dark, the clouds, the sunlight on the lawn. 
They watch but do not see my inner game;  
The one I play against myself.  
Alert, asleep, I never know which one  
I’ll be until I step onto the court.  
I’ve laughed out loud and cried inside as well. 
I’ve hit the sweet spot and I’ve missed it by a mile 
I’ve punched a volley and I’ve choked.  
I’ve felt awake, young, old and most of all alive, 
How I’ve missed my happy place, court number 5! 

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
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