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The 44th Annual General Meeting took place last night via Zoom – there were 32 attendees.

The full minutes will be produced in due course and will be available in the Members area of the website, along with all other relevant documents such as the Annual Accounts.

There were several matters requesting approval from members, for which we received 144 verified votes, either in person at the meeting or by proxy form. Special resolutions require a 75% majority to be approved.

A summary of the results follows:

Special Resolution A:
That the Board of Directors is authorised to take both the following steps:-
1. On or after 30 September 2021, to close the croquet lawn for the purposes of croquet and then to construct a new tennis court on the area where the croquet lawn is currently situated; and
2. To apply for planning permission and take all other necessary steps to construct a new clubhouse building, incorporating two new squash courts, on the currently unused section in the North West corner of the club grounds.
Vote: For 115, Against 27, Abstain 2 – Passed by 81.0%

Special Resolution B:
That the Articles of Association of the Company be amended by deleting all the objects of the Company that by virtue of the Companies Act 2006 have been treated as provisions of the Company’s Articles of Association.
Vote: For 103, Against 21, Abstain 20 – Passed by 83.1%

Special Resolution C:
That with effect from the conclusion of the meeting the Articles of Association of the Company be amended as follows:-
1. Articles 33 – add a new article stating:- ‘In the event that it is not possible, for any reason, for all members to attend a meeting in person a meeting may be held and votes may be permitted to be cast by electronic or other means. The meeting may be held without any number of those participating in the meeting being together in the same place.’
2. Article 39 (formerly Article 38) – add the following words:- ‘…or sent by email or other electronic means to the secretary of the club…’
Vote: For 108, Against 19, Abstain 17 – Passed by 85.0%

Special Resolution D:
The Articles of Association shall be altered to take the form of the Articles of Association attached to this resolution and are in substitution for and to the exclusion of the Articles of Association previously registered with the Registrar of Companies.
Vote: For 105, Against 21, Abstain 18 – Passed by 83.3%

Election of Directors:
Katharine Beaudry – For 115, Against 2, Abstain 27 – Passed
Simon Taylor – For 111, Against 1, Abstain 32 – Passed
Keith McMillan – For 108, Against 1, Abstain 35 – Passed
Jane Sheridan – For 120, Against 1, Abstain 23 – Passed

Election of Bar Committee:
Simon Taylor – For 111, Against 1, Abstain 32 – Passed
Keith McMillan – For 108, Against 2, Abstain 34 – Passed
Paulius Kriksciunas – For 109, Against 1, Abstain 34 – Passed

Election of Club President:
Shelagh Brooks – For 114, Against 0, Abstain 30 – Passed

Many thanks to all those who participated and voted.

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
Contact –

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