Newsletter – 17 November 2020

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Lockdown maintenance update 
We’ve not been twiddling our thumbs during lockdown…
Repairs have been made to the squash building roof, so we should have no more leaks on Court 1 when we reopen.
The Autumn treatment of the croquet lawn has been completed, as well as patch repairs and reseeding.
Tennis courts 6 & 7 are being topped up and relevelled with new artificial clay, plus additional clay is being laid along the baselines of Courts 3 & 4.
Finally, replacement of the existing floodlights on tennis courts 3 & 4 has been scheduled for 30 November – 2 December. So, the new LED lights should be ready for the end of lockdown!

The Board is proposing some significant changes to the facilities at the Club next year – see the video from the 1980s below that shows the Club has always moved with the times by updating playing facilities:

Poetry in lockdown continues
Tennis member David Bent-Hazelwood sent this in…

It will be harder, second time.
Less light, more dark.
Then it was new, but now just continuing, routine.
First time, there was a limit.
This time, no end in sight.
Change the rhythm, keep the pulse.
It could be a place of limbo.
Waiting for vaccines, for miracles, for cures.
Waiting for illness, for struggles, for death.
Waiting for clarity, for meaning, for resolution.
Change the rhythm, keep the pulse.
Always at home.
A bag put down arriving back one evening,
Next to the door as normal,
But then unused for months, just sagging down.
Change the rhythm, keep the pulse.
During our busy dance, the music faltered.
Our steps hesitated, and our bodies halted.
We snapped out, and realised:
We are not dancing anymore.
Change the rhythm, keep the pulse.
Between the beats, there can be silence.
Is the dance, the music over,
Now and forever?
Or is the next beat just coming,
Change the rhythm, keep the pulse.
Our hearts keep beating, though.
Our lungs breathing.
Our thoughts going.
Our feelings flowing.
All of us ready to
Change the rhythm, keep the pulse.

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
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