Newsletter – 10 November 2020

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Lockdown rules 
Since the Club closed last week, I have had a few enquiries about what can and can’t be done, so I thought it worth clarifying.

Several members have asked about using the practice wall, as it is an individual activity. Unfortunately, the regulations are that ALL Club facilities are closed, so you MUST NOT use the practice wall. I appreciate that this may not make much sense, but as this is the law, the Club could be liable for a significant fine if found in breach.

The only activity on site at the moment is the Witty Kiddies pre-school, as this is exempt under childcare and education provision. However, this does not mean that the clubhouse facilities are available, so please do not come to the Club for any reason. Although I will be here much of the time, I cannot sell balls for example.

Hopefully, these restrictions will only be in place for a short while – the LTA in particular are lobbying Government about the return to play, so I’ll keep you informed as soon as I have news.

Poetry in lockdown returns
Here is Club Secretary Simon Taylor’s latest entry…


Did you see me – long ago
When you went into the Club Bar
The bottle of Archers Peach Schnapps
Standing lonely on one side
Two thirds empty, one third full
The Club purchased me in 1995
Along with Malibu and Babycham
I was fashionable then you see
But sadly fashions change
Both for you and for me
I was last imbibed in 2007
At the Clubs Annual General Meeting
The one that introduced semi-colons
Into the Articles of Association
It caused a stir – and I was in demand
But all has been quiet since then
A bottle of Archers – one third undrunk
Is unfulfilled and incomplete
Like a tennis game left at 5-5
Or squash at 8 points all
And now all is deathly quiet at the Club
The tennis courts not played on
The squash courts empty of shouts
And the croquet lawn denuded of mallets
And I am left all alone in the Bar
But I – the bottle of Archers – am not quite alone
Dez Lewington shares the space
He does his best – but its not quite like the old days
And – at least, or so it appears
Dez does not drink Archers Peach Schnapps.

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
Contact –

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