Newsletter – 17 July 2020

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Further to recent Government statements, both the LTA and England Squash have published updated guidance for the return to play. A full statement on any changes to operations at the Club will be issued by the end of July.

Tennis play – update
There are several important changes regarding keeping the Club Covid secure. Players should now undertake a pre-attendance symptom check before visiting the Club, and ensure any visit is recorded through the various booking systems in place to support NHS Test & Trace procedures.
Furthermore, there is now the possibility of starting up club play sessions and internal competitions again. However, this is contingent on meeting very strict guidelines and conducting an Event Delivery plan. We’ll be reviewing the position over the next couple of weeks to see if we can manage activity under these criteria.
You can read the full version of the latest guidance for players here:—covid-19.pdf

Squash play – update
As with tennis, England Squash advice is that play can only resume where a Covid Secure plan and risk assessment are in place.
Cleaning is a priority, as well as personal hygiene, and there are restrictions on what types of play are permitted. I’ll be sending out a separate email to S&R members asking for feedback on specific questions over the weekend.
You can read the full version of the latest guidance here:

Contact list for informal play
With lots of new tennis members joining recently, there have been enquiries about how to contact other members looking for a game outside of the leagues. We are setting up a new WhatsApp group for any member looking for an informal game.
To join, please email to give your consent to be added to the group.

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
Contact –

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