Newsletter – 10 July 2020

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Tennis courts – floodlighting
The tennis court floodlighting is now free for members and has been converted to a simple on/off switch – so no more £1 or 20p coins! We had scheduled to complete this work at the end of March, but got postponed due to the lockdown.
As a reminder, the cut off time for floodlighting is 10.30pm, and you will find the controls for Courts 1/2 in the clubhouse foyer with all other courts in the Squash court building. However, only Courts 3, 4, 5 will be available initially under the current restrictions.
We ask that you observe a few new etiquette rules for use of the floodlights:
1. Check if someone is booked in or waiting for the court after your booking slot, and if so DO NOT turn off the lights as they take approx 10 minutes to reignite;
2. If no-one is booked in or waiting for the court, please turn off the lights at the switch when you come off court to help save running costs;
3. Please remain aware of social distancing guidelines at all times when using the lighting controls and allow space in the corridor.

Tennis singles leagues
The current round of the Singles leagues comes to an end this weekend. Please email me by 6.00pm on Sunday if you want to join next time. This cycle will run until 16 August 2020.
As well as the Mixed league, there is also an Off-peak league. Off-peak hours are Monday to Friday up to 6.00pm and after 5.00pm on Saturday/Sunday.

Finally, we haven’t had a poem for a while, so here’s one from Tim Allen entitled ‘When?’

WHEN will we all shake hands again
at the end of every set?
WHEN will we measure the net again?
Perhaps we should all place bets?
WHEN will we be given new balls again
without marking our names on them?
And WHEN will we have a shower again
that is nothing to do with the Met?
“Until the 12th of Never
I’ll be loving you”
And WHERE did THAT come from, my friends?
I’ve been locked down far too long!
WHEN will there be  tie-breaks at five all again
followed by numbering off?
And WHEN will we wait in turn again
hoping to play another set?
WHEN will some of us continue to play
whilst others come off for the rain?
Causing such confusion
WHEN the sun comes out again.
WHEN will normal service be returned ?
(You can pick the bones out of that)
It’s far too hard for me
(HELP!! Double entendres are running amok)
WHEN will the lights come on again
all over our Sydenham club?
“There’ll be blue planes over”
as the singer never said.
“WHEN will I see you again?
WHEN will we share precious moments?”
“Woah woah yeah yeah
miss you more than I can say
miss you twice as much tomorrow
woah woah yeah yeah”
And WHEN will I get these songs out of my head again?
                      WHEN…. WHEN….WHEN…….?

Dez Lewington
Club Manager
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