Newsletter – 1 May 2020

Published on May 1, 2020 by in SLTCC news


Events at the Club
Further to the announcement of the Bank Holiday Quiz last week, is there any other activity or event you would like to see? Either during or after lockdown, as we want to remain positive about getting up and running again.
We’ve held various social events in the past, such as music evenings, wine tastings, beer festivals, as well as competitions and tournaments. The last event was on Burns Night earlier this year and was a great success. Organiser David Burrow sent me a short video, which you can view on the website here.
Hopefully, when we have news on coming out of lockdown, we will be able to produce a fantastic schedule of events to look forward to for the remainder of the year!

Please remember to send in any information or material you would like to share in the newsletter. Many members have said how much they look forward to the snippets that come out, so don’t be shy!

Keep safe and well

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