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Published on February 25, 2020 by in SLTCC news


Safeguarding matters

If you remember, we received an audit from the LTA regarding safeguarding and welfare at the Club in December. There were several recommendations to improve on our procedures, which include the items below.

How to report a concern

If you are concerned about anyone in relation to behaviour towards a child or vulnerable adult, it is important to understand the procedure to report such a concern. Make a note of anything witnessed, including dates/times, and then:

1. If you believe the person is in immediate risk, call the Emergency Services on 999;

2. If not at immediate risk, the first line of reporting is the Club Welfare Officer or alternate;

3. If the Welfare Officer is unavailable, there are other bodies who can be contacted directly, such as the LTA Safeguarding team, NSPCC, Local Authority, etc.

Club Welfare Officer

Currently, I act as the Club Welfare Officer and can be contacted through all the usual channels even if not on site. Liam Hindson, the Club Assistant Manager, will act as my alternate when I am on holiday.

Contact details can be found easily on the posters around the site on all noticeboards.


More information, including all contact details, is available in the Club Safeguarding policy which is located in the clubhouse foyer at all times. The policy and information are also available on the Club website.

The Club and the LTA take safeguarding matters very seriously, so please do not hesitate to report a concern.

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