Newsletter – 1 February 2020

Published on February 1, 2020 by in SLTCC news


Tennis Court bookings 
Many members have commented on the availability of courts for booking in peak times, especially with club play, coaching, team matches, etc. This situation has become exacerbated by members not cancelling courts when circumstances change, and the court is no longer required, leaving empty courts!
This was discussed at Tennis Committee, and it was decided that the number of courts each member can book will be reduced to 2 x 90 minutes in any seven day period. This will take effect from 1 February, but should not affect bookings already in place.

Tennis Singles leagues 
The Singles leagues are undergoing a bit of a revamp next cycle. The Mixed league will be split into Gold, Silver and Bronze sections based on playing levels. This will make it easier to place new entrants and promotion/relegation will be more transparent.
Remember, there is a Women’s only and Off-peak league too, so if you would like to enter this round let me know by 3 February – new leagues will go online later this week.

Squash membership and courts
Feedback to the recent changes to Squash membership has been very positive overall with members enjoying not having to bring change for the coin meters! Just a reminder that you should have received an email explaining how the changes affect you – either renewing your membership or paying a pro-rata sum for the court fees.
All members need to ensure their fees are up to date by 8 February, as after this date access to the booking system and leagues will be removed.

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