Newsletter – 10 August 2019

Published on August 11, 2019 by in SLTCC news


For a change here is some news about members, past and present…

Simon Carter – Croquet
Simon was headline sponsor for this year’s Golf Croquet World Championships held across the South of England. Although not selected to play, he entered the qualifying tournament and earned a place in the main tournament. Simon made it to the last 32 players before being knocked out by the European Champion! In the Final, US No 1 Ben Rothman was crowned World Champion.
Simon will be attending the Croquet open evening for members to try out the game on Wednesday 14 August from 6-8pm, so you can play with a World Finalist!

Andrew Shaw – Squash
Ex squash member, Andrew Shaw, left the club 10 years ago. A former BBC journalist, he went to live in China, learnt Chinese, and took up jade carving. All well in his 50s after around ten years at the Club. He has written a book called Jade Life about his experiences. Its an unusual story.
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