Tennis Singles leagues

Published on March 27, 2019 by in SLTCC news


The Club runs Singles leagues all year round, with each cycle lasting approx eight weeks. Mixed for men & women, Women only and Off-peak leagues are offered, and there are currently 86 participants. Here is a list of the Winners from the most recent round.

Mixed league:
Premier – Chris Kuun
League 1 – Mark John
League 2 – Nick Borner
League 3 – Michel Gonzalez
League 4 – Stuart Woods
League 5 – Damien Preece
League 6 – Thomas Rybinski
League 7 – Nicoleta Tecaru
League 8 – Morgan Lee

League 1 – Barbara Cavanagh
League 2 – Natalie Robertson

League 1 – Chris Derwitsch
League 2 – Margaret Ohuche

Congratulations to all the above – and perhaps it will inspire more of you to play! The current round will end on 15 May 2019.              

If you have any questions about the Singles leagues, or would like to join next time, please contact me at

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