Newsletter – 2 February 2019

Published on February 2, 2019 by in SLTCC news


Clay court maintenance and good practice
As a reminder of good practice, in particular regarding brushing the courts, please take a moment to read the ‘Clay Court Etiquette’. This is also available, along with more detailed information about playing and maintaining clay courts, in the members area of the website, and etiquette notices are displayed at the entrance to the courts. The courts were a big investment by the Club to enhance playing facilities, so it’s in everyone’s interest to maintain the courts!

Squash building good practice
We have been welcoming quite a few new members to the Squash section recently, so perhaps a good time for a reminder of good practice here too. Remember to only wear non-marking footwear in the squash courts. When leaving the building please ensure that the entrance door is fully closed, as it appears there has been some theft from the building. Also, please turn off lights if no-one else is in the building – apart from the light in the Gents shower area which is locked on permanently for security.

Club Manager hours
This coming week I will be available at the Club as follows:
Sunday from 9-3pm, Tuesday from 12-6pm, Wednesday from 6-8pm, Thursday from 4-8pm, Friday from 4-8pm, Saturday from 8-4pm

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