Yoga with Sam Battams

Time: Sat 10:30 – 11:45 (75 mins)

Sam is a club member who first tried yoga to ease the strains of 25 years of playing tennis and football. He quickly discovered not only the physical benefits that complimented high-impact sport – developing mobility, strength and preventing injury – but was soon hooked by the mental clarity provided by an active but non-competitive practise.

Sam brings this personal experience into his teaching, understanding the feeling of tight muscles and repetitive patterns in the body. He teaches a fun, dynamic, and rewarding yoga practise that synchronises movement with breath. Whether you’re completely new to yoga or more experienced, this is a chance to discover the balance of a focused workout, with a place for calm.

£10 drop-in (£9 for club members) or £40 for 5 classes

Contact Sam at; mob 07764992571