Gift Aid donations

Donating to Sydenham Tennis Club

Thank you for visiting Sydenham Tennis Club’s donations page.

Sydenham Tennis Club is currently trying to raise money to fund improvements to the club’s facilities for the benefit of all our members – tennis, squash and croquet.  More information about the club’s planned improvements is included in the 10-year Business Development Plan.  The current work-in-progress version of the plan can be viewed here.

As a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), Sydenham Tennis is Club is registered for Gift Aid.  Gift Aid is an easy way to help us maximise the value of your donations by allowing us to reclaim basic rate tax on your gift.  This means that every £1 you donate is worth an extra 25p to the club.

How Gift Aid works

The Gift Aid scheme is for gifts of money by individuals who pay tax.   Gift Aid donations are regarded as having basic rate tax already deducted.  As a CASC, we can take your donation and reclaim the basic rate tax you have already paid on it from HM Revenue and Customs. Basic rate tax is 20% so this means if you give £20 through Gift Aid, it’s worth £15 to the club. If you pay higher rate tax you can claim extra relief on your donations on the difference between the higher rate of tax and the basic rate tax.  If you claim age-related allowances or tax credits, Gift Aid donations can sometimes increase your entitlement.

What to do

If you would like to make a donation to the club and are a UK tax payer, then please sign up for Gift Aid by completing the club’s Gift Aid form and returning it with your donation to The Membership Secretary, Sydenham Tennis Club, Lawrie Park Road, London SE26 6ET.

Thank you!