Clay court etiquette

Please note: extra care needs to be taken when using the new clay courts.

  1. Some drinks can be detrimental to the surface and so no drinks other than water are allowed on the court surface.
  1. Food and chewing gum are prohibited on court as they can damage the playing surface.
  1. Players will need to wear flat soled tennis shoes. Extra care will need to be taken if the surface is more slippery than usual, with play suspended if the surface is frozen or covered by snow.
  1. Light surface frost – no restrictions on play provided surface is not slippery, but it is recommended to drag the courts the night before so the infill is even, as dragging a frosty surface will not be effective.

Clay Court Brushing
After play, players MUST:

  1.  Drag their court with a drag net or combination brush/net across the surface to maintain regularity of top layer of infill.
  2. Sweep line markings to remove infill spread by play after each session or match, ready for the next players.

Useful links
More detailed information about the use and maintenance of clay courts can be found here.