Tennis Court Availability

Court 5 resurfacing

Court availability

Aside from the club play sessions and official coaching hours (at weekends and weekday evenings – when specific courts are allocated to the coaches), all members, including juniors, have equal rights to the courts.

The club’s online Tennis Court Calendar provides detailed, day-by-day information about court availability and can be viewed on the computer in the club house foyer or on your own device at    The calendar also includes the facility to book selected courts at designated times.  More information about booking courts can be viewed here.

Court allocation information is displayed in the club house foyer and next to Courts 1 & 2.  Notices are also displayed detailing the court rotation rules which apply when courts which haven’t been booked are in use for free play.  At these times members should vacate the court at the end of a set, or after a league match.

Members who haven’t booked a court are asked to give priority in the summer for tournament matches which need to be played but this does not mean priority for a specific court, merely the next available court.  Never at any point must members feel that they should vacate the ‘show’ courts (courts 1 & 2) in favour of other players.

In free play sessions, members may invite others to join them, either by prior arrangement or on spec. However, in club play sessions, forming a four for doubles is controlled by the peg system and mixing with other players is considered the standard club etiquette.

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