We welcome new members

Croquet season 2021
The new croquet season will start on 29 March 2021. There are certain restrictions in the current climate, including social distancing rules, etc.
Anyone wanting to try out the game please contact Patricia Freeman on 07849 026808 or at for information.

The information below relates to normal playing conditions.

Where do we play?
We have one croquet lawn, a croquet chalet and equipment shed in a secluded and picturesque setting at the junction of Springfield Road and Lawrie Park Crescent where there is a small entrance gate. You can also gain access through the main club entrance in Springfield Road.

How do I start playing croquet?
Come along to one of our free introductory sessions for prospective members on Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday afternoon from 14:00. There will be other club members to give you a friendly welcome and introduce you to the game of croquet.  To arrange your session please contact Patricia Freeman on 07849 026808 or by email at

What about croquet equipment?
The club has a good range of mallets that you can use to suit all sizes  and sets of balls are provided.

Do I have to wear whites?
No, only for matches. You must wear flat-soled shoes, but other than that, anything goes.

Do you provide croquet coaching?
For details of coaching options please ring Jane Sheridan on 07930 109159 or email Otherwise, members will be glad to show you the ropes and get you started.

Can children play croquet?
We welcome families with children, but do stipulate they must be 12 or over to play.

What kind of croquet do we play?
We play Golf Croquet. This is easier to learn than Association Croquet and is faster. A game of croquet  usually takes around 40 minutes. It’s more sociable, since all players in the current game(s) are on the lawn at once.

Are there any opportunities to play croquet competitively?
We organise annual singles and doubles knock-out croquet tournaments. These are a good introduction to competitive play. We also organise friendly croquet matches against local clubs, home and away. In addition we take part in the South East Croquet Federation Handicap League, as well as their annual weekend teams croquet event at Surbiton.

How do I get a croquet handicap?
We will ensure you are given a croquet handicap which reflects your ability and will enable you to have good games with all players of all standards. Handicaps are from 0 to 12. Your croquet handicap enables you to have additional shots or bisques against an opponent with a lower handicap.